Authorities cannot be processed via mailing system, an Applicant who applies for that must visit in person the office of Kurdistan Regional Government Representative in Sydney.

For the certification of any Iraqi Documents (Civil State ID, National ID, Driving Licences and other certificates) the Applicant must provide a true copy (photo copies are not accepted) of a support letter that shows it has been certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Kurdistan Regional Government, thereafter the   Kurdistan Regional Government Representative in Sydney will provide the Applicant with a letter to the related areas.


In case the Applicant is unable to be present at the office of Kurdistan Regional Government Representative in Sydney he or she can apply through the Iraqi embassy or the Iraqi Consulate.

All Australian documents must be certified by the Department of the Australian Foreign Affairs thereafter the Kurdistan Regional Government Representative in Sydney will certify them.


The following documents should be provided:

  1. The original and colour copy of a new (phosphoric seal) Iraqi document such as Iraqi citizenship certificate, or civilian affairs ID certified by (JP).
  2. The original and colour copy of an Australian document that shows your photo and confirms current residential address such as drivers licenses certified by (JP).
  3. Two passport size photos, certified by (JP).
  4. Two passport size photos of the person that you give the power of attorney.
  5. A copy of ID of the person that you give the power of attorney


If your name in Iraqi documents is different than in Australian documents the origin and the photocopy of the change of name certificate also should be provided.

If you are giving a specific authority for property transactions the photocopy of the property ownership certificate in Kurdistan is also required.

If the power of attorney is related to the matters of (retirement or proof of live) you must provide us with the retirement ID card and its date of issue. (Copy is accepted).

The completed documents should be submitted personally to the Kurdistan Regional Government-Australia Office in Sydney.



All photocopies of ID must be certified by a qualified witness as being true and correct copies of the original.

Only the following persons can certify and also witness your signature:  Justice of the Peace or 
Notary Public.


Only on Thursday and Friday our office offers the following services:


Specific power of attorney

General power of attorney

Cancellation of power of attorney (applies only to those issued by the KRG Australian Representation)

Proof of Life (also known as Certificate of Life, Letter of Existence, Certificate of Existence)


Authentication of:

  1. Marriage
  2. Birth and Death Certificates
  3. Iraqi identification documents (Civil Status ID, Nationality Certificate only if they are issued in the Kurdistan Region)
  4. Company registration documents.


Please note:

We do not issue visas and passports. Please contact the Iraqi Embassy or Iraqi Consulate.

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